How it works: actively promotes its suppliers' services and packages them into custom solutions for our customers.

Qualified suppliers will be invited to submit proposals and bid on projects. will contract suppliers who provide the best services for the best rates.

Payment schedules are negotiated. and project sponsors track projects online.

Periodic online progress reporting keeps stakeholders informed of the project's status.

All agreements are kept in the online Project Centre and are the basis of any legal action.

Mediation services and conflict resolution specialists are available.

Client will sign-off on key deliverables of the project as they are completed.

Electronic payment methods are encouraged - (ie. direct deposit, wire transfer, or credit card/cyber cash).

Getting Started:


Register with as a Client or Supplier.

Get 'tele-ready' - a sufficient computer, internet connection, phone services, basic systems knowledge, get more training in written communications, project management principles, computer skills.